Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some dare suggestions

Full nudity is an important success factor. The stress generated by the situation will be far less if it is easy to hide or to quickly get back dressed. For example, a long coat or pulling a mini-skirt up is too easy. It is important for the success of the dare that at one point in time, you’d have no way to turn back, and be at the mercy of a possible encounter, something out of your control.

Keep your shoes as a recommendation. If you happen to be seen, better be able to run fast… or find a good excuse…

Here are a few dare examples. Some require use of an accomplice, and this is even recommended as a security measure. He/she will be able to confirm that what you’re doing is really a dare, or perhaps a lost bet, and this could eventually avoid bigger problems…

1st Example:

Pick a trail and find some place to hide (rock or bush). This hiding place should only allow you to hide from a section of the trail, in a way you’d have to budge together with potential pedestrians in order not to be seen. There should be no retreat possible, except by revealing your presence. Of course, if people come from both sides of the trail at the same time, you’ll be caught. But that’s the risk.

2nd Example:

Park your car in a place where there are occasional people walking nearby. Get fully undressed in the car, put all your clothes in a bag, add your car key, and throw the bag out of the window, as far as you can. The only thing you need to do is to find the right timing to fetch everything and get quickly in the car to get dressed again, without anyone seeing.

3rd Example:

Find a trail crossing. Find a spot that will hide you from hikers walking on the main trail, but leave you no chance to hide if the hikers go the other way. Hide all your clothes in a place where you would be seen by everyone around. Now, you simply have to hope that no one will go the other trail. How long will you resist before picking-up your clothes back?

4th example:

Get yourself naked and hide next to a trail. Let a few people walk about 30 feet past you. Then, quietly get out of your hiding place and start to follow them at a distance.Just hope they don’t look back. Walk as long as you dare, but don’t forget people could possibly come from behind.

5th Example:

A bit like example 2. If you live in an appartment house, get out of your appartment. Climb to the last floor and get fully naked. Pit all your clothes including your appartment keys in a bag. Ensure you have nothing fragile in your clothes pockets. then, through the bag out of the window, or down the staircase (yet ensure the place your bag willl land on is accessible – and there’s no one underneath!). Now, walk down and get back your gear.

6th Example:

Play Red Riding Hood. Unluckily you have no rocks and no bread, the only thing you have on you are your clothes! Remove a clothing piece every 10 feed and hide them where you can, until you find yourself fully naked. Then, follow your steps back.

Don’t hesitate to write me if you have any other dare suggestions, or some you did yourselves.

Baby steps

Baby steps as a starter..…

Nude dare picture contest

I am looking for (or possibly take myself) pictures or videos of women in similar settings:

  • Willingly be nude in a public place
The dare:
  • Full nudity (shoes accepted)
  • The woman must be in a place where she could be possibly be seen by others, but must *not* be seen at any times. This dare must be performed without anyone noticing.
  • The place does not matter: forest, mountain, countryside, on a terrase or a balcony. You don’t need to copy this young woman in the snow!
  • The woman must be shy and not keen to exhibitionism.
  • The picture should prove, if possible, other persons presence, or demonstrate likeliness to be seen.
  • The picture must not necessarily show the woman’s attributes. Picture blurring is OK. No porn content! The picture must reflect an ambiguous situation, not nudity itself.
  • The farther the person is away from a hiding place or from her clothes, the better.
  • No presence of kids – do not attempt to do this is potentially be seen by kids!


I am a man in the early thirties. Why did I decide to create a blog on the Nude Dares theme?

I have several reasons to do this. Firstly, I am very shy when it comes to my personal nudity. Shower after sports with other men is even a challenge for me. I can’t help it, and actually I don’t mind, don’t want and don’t feel the need to change my behavior.

I have done such dares myself, alone, and no one ever seen me, and that’s how I like it. I will thus not post any pictures of myself. I’m not a great fan of men’s anatomy, including my own. And as I don’t like my anatomy, why would I share it with others?

So why did I ever came up with this funny idea of nude dares?

Have you ever wanted to face your all timers primal fears, such as perform bungee jumping if you’re afraid of heights?

What could be worse for a shy person to find himself/herself completely naked in a public place, with no place to hide and nothing to cover with?

Some women like to spend a day wearing a mini-skirt with nothing under it. Why? Is this only a question of convenience or confort? Is it because they like exhibition? Or is just for this bit of fun, dare, something like “I am at the mercy of a bad movement or wind blow to reveal my nudity”?

A number of people say to like skinny dipping. Why? Is it because it’s more comfortable to swim named? Is it to perform exhibition to get some sexual gratification? Or is this simply for the dare to run in water and to get out without anyone seeing?

As far as I’m concerned, it is not a comfort thing, nor sexual (so no exhibitionism especially as I don’t want to be seen). It’s not even to challenge authorities by doing something illegal, but only a dare to my personal taboos and my shyness.. I discovered the stress of this situation was fun and thrilling, as a bungee jump can be.

Why am I looking for other people, particularly women? Am I not somehow voyeur?

Even though I find female body much better looking than male, what I am more looking for are stories of past nude dare experiences, more than pictures. The main reason of why women is that I believe they are much shyer than men when it comes to nudity. The dare is thus even bigger.

What I look in the picture is the situation and risk taken. Pictures of nude women in a crowd or at home is of no interest for me.

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Here are a few videos illustrating the mindset…