Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nude dare picture contest

I am looking for (or possibly take myself) pictures or videos of women in similar settings:

  • Willingly be nude in a public place
The dare:
  • Full nudity (shoes accepted)
  • The woman must be in a place where she could be possibly be seen by others, but must *not* be seen at any times. This dare must be performed without anyone noticing.
  • The place does not matter: forest, mountain, countryside, on a terrase or a balcony. You don’t need to copy this young woman in the snow!
  • The woman must be shy and not keen to exhibitionism.
  • The picture should prove, if possible, other persons presence, or demonstrate likeliness to be seen.
  • The picture must not necessarily show the woman’s attributes. Picture blurring is OK. No porn content! The picture must reflect an ambiguous situation, not nudity itself.
  • The farther the person is away from a hiding place or from her clothes, the better.
  • No presence of kids – do not attempt to do this is potentially be seen by kids!

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